Fishing: Summer flounder fishing kicks up a gear

Wasn't it just yesterday everybody was complaining about the winter-like weather in late May? Thursday's and Friday's 90-plus heat squashed those complaints in favor of: "Whoa, Jane, crank up the AC, will ya, babe?" The good news is the hot spell should finally push Long Island Sound water temperatures over the 60-degree mark, which kind of represents the start of real summer fishing. Two good rules of thumb for successful summer fishing are:
1. Get up early. Fish are like milkmen (you remember them, right?). They like to get their work done before the sun is too far above the horizon.
2. Stay up late. Like all night. Striped bass are rock `n' roll party animals, they crave their action after sunset, especially when the moon is high and the bait is running. READ MORE:

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